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David Freney-Mills creates a contemplative art through exploring the visual properties of text. Through fragmenting and repeating the text he creates abstract arrangements that convey a sense of flux and transformation. Freney-Mills’ paintings are akin to organisms made up of accumulated layers and traces of decisions. In different paintings the text overlaps in chance combinations, weaving throughout the atmospheric surfaces created by the artist. His main artistic influences are reductive abstraction as well as visual art traditions from the East Asian region; such as ink painting, calligraphy, and dye art. David Freney-Mills is a Melbourne based artist, and currently works from his studio at the Hawthorn Arts Centre as an artist-in-residence. Freney-mills received a Bachelor of Fine Arts from RMIT University in 1994 and later completed a Post Graduate Diploma at Victorian College of the Arts in 2005. In 2019 he took part in the SUMUK Ink painting residency in Haenam, South Korea and exhibited there also. Freney-Mills has also exhibited widely in Melbourne, his most recent solo exhibition ‘A Reign of Green – Green Rain House’ was held at ACAE Gallery (Australia China Art Exchange). He has work in both public and private collections in Australia, Europe and South Korea.



1998        Bachelor of Fine Art Painting RMIT 

1999-2000     Latrobe Street School of Art & Design

2005        Post-Graduate Diploma in Fine Art Victorian College of Arts 

Solo Exhibitions 

2008         Ideology and Reality, STEPS Gallery, Carlton.

2009         Class of Consciousness, STEPS Gallery, Carlton.   

2011         Stratified Mantra, PB Gallery, Swinburne University, Prahran. 

2012         Polymorphic, Trocadero ArtSpace, Footscray.

2013         Chthonic System, Five Walls Projects, Footscray.

              The Floating Word, Rubicon ARI, North Melbourne.

2015         Sublimation Cycle, Rubicon ARI, North Melbourne.

2016         Porous Amorphous, Project Wall, Town Hall Gallery, Hawthorn Arts Centre.

2017         Alchemical Text, Alternating Current Art Space, Windsor.

2018         Oracular Nebula, Five Walls Projects, Footscray.

2019         Text-ecology, Alternating Current Art Space,  Windsor.

2021         A Reign of Green - Green Rain House, ACAE Gallery, Canterbury.

Group Exhibitions

2005        VCA Athenaeum Club Visual Arts Award, Melbourne.

2007        Agendo Art Award Finalists Exhibition, Gardner Galleries, Richmond.

2011        New Acquisitions, St.Vincents’ Hospital Gallery, Fitzroy.

2013        My Word, Napier Upstairs Gallery, Fitzroy.

Re-writing the Image: Text as art, Town Hall Gallery-Hawthorn Arts Centre.

2016        The Spaces are as Important as the Words, Yarra Sculpture Gallery, Collingwood.

2019        Haenam International SUMUK workshop, Haenam Arts and Culture Centre, South Korea.

Haenam International SUMUK workshop”, Sooyun Art Space, Haenam, South Korea.  

LINK, Australia China Arts Exchange (ACAE) Gallery, Canterbury – curated by Chonggang Du.

2021        Transcendence, (duo exhibition with Shin Jaedon), Gallery Elysium, Hawthorn

                  Group exhibition, Anne Gallery, South Yarra.

                  Jeollanam International SUMUK Biennale, Sunset Art Museum, Shinan County, South Korea.
                  Jeollanam International SUM
UK Biennale, Cho Hee-ryong Art Museum, Shinan County, South Korea.

2022         In Focus: Conversations with eight contemporary artists, ACAE Gallery, Wellington Street, Collingwood

                  The Colour and The Shape, Block Projects, Church Street, Richmond 

                  TXT, Five Walls Projects, Footscray - curated by Aaron Martin & P.J Hickman
                  Abstraction Attraction, Gallery Elysium, Hawthorn


2005        Finalist Athenaeum Club Visual Arts Award- Athenaeum Club Melbourne.

2007        Finalist Agendo Art Prize- Gardner Galleries, Richmond.


2010-2011         Artist-in-Residence at St Vincents (Caritas Christi Hospice), Kew.

2016 to Present           Artist-in-Residence at Hawthorn Arts Centre.

 International SUMUK Workshop, Haengchon Cultural Art Foundation, Haenam, South Korea      



2019 Interview by MBC News network, South Korea:


2016         Alex McCulloch Arts Show: 5 May 2016 

2017         Alex McCulloch Arts Show: 24 May 2017 


2000        THE AGE newspaper, 11/04/00 “Here’s Cheers to History”.   

The Melbourne Times, 03/05/00 “Riding High on the Coaster tales of History”.

2011        Beat Magazine, 10/08/11 “Stratified Mantra”.

                  Melbourne Weekly, 10/08/11 “Stratified Mantra”.

2012        Beat Magazine, 20/02/13 “Chthonic System”.


St Vincents Hospital, Melbourne.

Haengchon Art Museum Collection, Haenam, South Korea.

Sooyun Artspace Collection, Haenam, South Korea.

Private collections in Australia and Europe.


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